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Metal, Wood, and Unique Business Card Materials:


A growing trend in the business world is currently the development and sharing of metal business cards and engraved wood business cards. You might think these materials would only be useful in producing business cards for companies that are involved in wood and metal applications for industry. However, this is a novel idea that has been catching momentum to get companies noticed and clearly since these cards are cropping up everywhere, its working!




Luxury Jet Company Business Cards

Black metal business cards provide a sleek look for many diverse types of business. These eye-catching and unique business advertising medium will be sure to get your company noticed! Metal business cards can, however, come in any color and get your business advertised in a high-impact manner. Wood business cards can be engraved just like metal ones, but can create a down-home feel and a rustic theme for businesses that operate establishments that wish to project that image. You can create any image you wish to convey when you decide to have business cards generated form these materials that will last longer than a plain old paper business card.




Dr metal business cards

The most practical and cost effective reason to utilize business cards in mediums other than paper such as metal or wood is that these cards are much less disposable (though they can be recycled) than that of paper business cards. If you might be worried about the Earth-friendliness of creating business cards out of these materials, rest assured, you can locate businesses who recycle materials just like you can find printing businesses that recycle paper. By disposable, I mean, they won't get lost as easily among documents and other things that consumers tend to toss aside and throw in the garbage. 

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